I. Membership

A. Paid members and those wishing to become members may attend meetings.
B. Those wishing to become members may attend two meetings before paying dues.

II. Meetings

A. Meetings will be held monthly at a designated place.
B. Committees or special interest groups may also meet.

III. Officers

A. Elections

1. The Nominating Committee will be selected in October of each year. There will be a minimum of three members. The president will appoint a chairman, one other will be chosen, one will be the past president.

2. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates at the November meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor.

3. The annual election will be in December with the new officers taking office in January. The candidate with the most votes wins. The term in office will be one year. No office may be held for more than two consecutive years.

4. For an unexpired term, the president will appoint another member to finish out the term.

B. Officer's Duties

1. President - presides over the meetings. Roberts Rules of Order will be employed.

2. Vice-President - Program chairman for the year. Presides over meetings in the President's absence. Assumes duties of President if the President can no longer serve.

3. Secretary - Takes minutes of the meeting and reads them the following meeting. Writes and mails any letters, etc. for the club.

4. Treasurer - Collects, disperses and records all monies of the club and reports same monthly. Responsible for submitting an annual budget for approval by the membership. Cannot disperse unbudgeted amounts for more than $50.00 unless approved by a vote of the membership. All outstanding bills shall be submitted to the Treasurer no later than 90 days after the transaction occurs or at the end of a calendar year, whichever occurs first. Each bill shall be itemized, receipts attached and signed by the purchaser.

5. Publicity - Submits club meetings and announcements to the newspapers, etc. Makes or obtains posters when needed for an event. Maintains club history book. Is responsible for publishing the monthly newsletter.

IV. Amendment Procedures

A. Recommended changes to the By-Laws should be presented to the members one month before the vote is taken.

B. They must be voted on and approved by a quorum of the members. A quorum is one vote more than one half of the members present.

V. Liquidation of Club

In the event the club should disband, all moneys will be donated to a charity.

Date approved November 2, 2004