Dec. 10, 2014
Editor: Donna McDade

TONIGHT’S PROGRAM MONTH Our holiday meal. We are to bring a covered dish and beverage. The guild will provide a ham, decorations, and service. The meeting will start at 6 PM
There will be an election of officers. We will also have nominations from the floor.
NEXT. New Date: Jan. 14 , Feb 11
Saturday Sews
Dec. – none
Jan. 17 – TBD
Feb. 14 - TBD
Retreat: In March. More information later. There is a slight increase in the fee. It will now be $140 for members and $160 for non-members. Do you have something you’d like to teach? Please get the information to the retreat committee.
The Quilter’s Exchange brought $106 into the budget.
Pizza Box Challenge: Finally, after a year, we get to have our original blocks and all the blocks made by our friends in the guild returned to us. What a surprise to see the beautiful blocks. Now to rush home and finish them.
Quits of Valor. There was a great article and photo of the members who worked on the quilt in the Journal News on November 20, 2014.
On behalf of your 2014 BBQG board, we’d love
To wish you a very happy and safe holidays!
Quilt Shows
March – Lebanon, OH
May 15 - 16 Franklin County Quilt Show. Old Brookville High School Gym, Brookville IN. 765-647-0797.
Reading a quilt magazine: by Donna McDade
Excitedly open and thumb through the magazine enjoying the beautiful quilts.
Go through again and only examine each quilt border. See how the border enhances the overall design of the quilt. How bare would the quilt be without the border?
Go eat some chocolate.
Opening the magazine for the third time see how many different quilting designs there are. Does the quilting design fill the space well? Is the style of the quilting consistent with the art of the quilt (feathers for traditional, straight lines for modern)? Are there some designs you want to try?
Get up and do some exercises.
Read the editorial. See what the main focus of the magazine is for that month.
Read each article to learn a new technique, to see what each quilter has to say about their work,and to really understand the quilt and quilter. What have you learned that will help you with your next quilt?
Put a paperclip or bookmark on the pages that have ideas you want to try.
Carefully put the magazine where you can find it again. Go sew.