Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild
March 24, 2014

President Pat Pressler called the regular meeting of the Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild to order at MidPoint Library. There were 30 members and no guests present.

The Secretary’s minutes were read. Louise Sauter made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Donna Walker. Motion passed.

Patty Conrad presented the Treasurer’s report. Jackie Hickman made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, Anna Stone seconded. Motion passed.

Kathy Henry gave a recap of the retreat. If you missed the retreat you really missed a fun time. There were many positive comments on the surveys turned in. The down payment has already been paid for next year’s retreat.

Activity Committee: Gina reported that there was a retreat place at the Missouri Quilt Company. This is a distance away but is a possibility. Gina will get more information. Gina asked members for trip suggestions.

We received a thank you letter from the MidPoint Library for the $30 donation that we gave in memory of Mary Singhoffer. The book Sweet & Simple Sewing: Projects to Give or Keep by Jessi Jung has been ordered and should be in shortly. Look for it in the library soon.

Geri Howell lost some fabric at the retreat – small pieces from her split rail. Please let her know if you happen to find when you are unpacking your retreat supplies.

We received a letter from Abilities First asking for a donation of a raffle basket or a cash donation for their golf outing charity event. Gina Hobbs made a motion to make a donation of $50 to Abilities First, seconded by Jacque Mullins. Motion passed.

Pat Pressler asked for volunteers to fill expiring terms of Sharon Stone and Roberta Johnson on the Retreat Committee. Kathy Henry will be serving her second year and Patty Conrad will remain on the committee as long as she is Treasurer. Gina Hobbs volunteered to serve for a two year term. Peggy Powers volunteered to serve one year of the other two year term. Jacque Mullins volunteered to be part of the set-up committee for next year. Pat thanked the volunteers.

Pat received an e-mail from Linda Borgert that she did send the meeting notice to the Journal News.

Pat said that changes will be made this year in response to the questionnaire passed out at the last meeting.
  • No more door or participation prizes
  • No more birthday fat quarters
  • Members would like to have hard copies of the membership directory
  • Members would like more open sews instead of planned Saturday Sews
  • Members would like to participate in the making of Quilts of Valor
We still have prizes and birthday fat quarters left from last year. The board have plans for these. Mary Seitzman stated that is looks like we are getting doing away with everything for the members, but in return all members are receiving something at each meeting such as patterns or tips. Remember that you may work on your own projects a Saturday sews, you don’t have to participate in the planned project.

Charity Committee: Ginny Draa reported on charity quilts. She will be making changes on Wiki but it won’t be done until the end of April due to other commitments.

Ginny is suggesting three types of charity projects.

She reminded all that everyone is supposed to donate quilts. The Pregnancy Crisis Center still would like us to donate quilts for their clients. They will be sent to the center in Franklin as the Middletown center is currently closed due to water damage from broken pipes. They will re-open when repairs are complete.

Ginny is recommending participating in the Sweet Dreams Foundation. They need pillows and pillow cases for children who are being displaced in the Butler County Children’s Services system. Children who are removed from their homes and are moved around would have their own pillow and pillow case to take with them. One constant in their moves. This is a very rewarding charity. Ginny will put the pillow case instructions up on Wiki.

Ginny introduced the Quilts of Valor program. She has relatives who have served in the military, one died while serving. She made a quilt for his fiancé and is in the process of making one for his parents. Quilts of Valor is a program dedicated to make quilts for those who serve or have served in the military (WWII and Vietnam War). Mary asked Jacque Mullins if she has any input on the Quilts of Valor program since she was in the military. She said that those she has seen who received quilts were very appreciative of the quilts and she feels that’s it’s a worthwhile program. There were other positive comments from the members. They would like the quilts to go to local military personnel. A show of hands showed overwhelming support of the program. Our Saturday Sew in July will be dedicated to Quilts of Valor. Ginny will have simple patterns that we can use. She will have information on Wiki by the end of May.

Our next meeting will be April 9th. There is a demo planned.
April 12 will be our next Saturday Sew
May meeting is on May 7
May Saturday Sew is on May 10
June 4 will be our picnic at Smith Park
June 7 will be our next Saturday sew. – There were no Saturdays available for our Saturday Sew at the library. Patty Conrad and Mary Seitzman have arranged for us to go to the Little Shop of Stitches in Miamisburg. They have expanded their sewing room and are happy to host our guild. They are open from 10 to 4.

Pam Norris lost both her mother-in-law and father-in-law within a week and both she and her husband have been in the hospital. Karen mailed her a card from the guild but had her old address. She will send the card to her new address.

Mary had a handout on “100 Things Every Quilter Should Do Before She Dies.”

A motion was made to adjourn by Florence Smith and seconded by Gina Hobbs.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Caverly, Secretary

After meeting:

Show and Tell
Mary gave an inspiring program on the “What Happened to my 4 Patch”. There are so many ways to create different designs. Use your imagination and go.
Pizza boxes were exchanged for the pizza box challenge