Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild
July 9, 2014
President Pat P. called the regular meeting of the Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild to order at MidPoint Library. There were 33 members and 2 guests present.
The Secretary’s minutes were read. Jacque H. made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Donna W. Motion passed.
Patty C. presented the Treasurer’s report. Ginny D. made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Donna W. Motion passed.
Pat reported that we had a good time at our picnic even though we had to hold it inside at the library.
Those who attended the June Saturday sew at the Little Shop of stitches had a good time. Little Stitches sells made in America fabric. They also talked about the Row by Row project with the license tags. Check the project out online. The staff at the shop was very accommodating. We recommend everyone stop by their shop and check it out.
Cindy and Linda talked about the options of continuing our presence on Wiki or on a website. We want to be a presence that can be located on the internet and tell others about our guild. One option is to open up Wiki to everyone. We will have to take our membership directory off of wiki and eliminate all last names from our postings. We will no longer need a password to access wiki. We will still have to pay a $50 annual fee to be a member. Only an assigned administrator can make changes to the site.
Someone suggested Go Daddy 101. Linda and Cindy said that they will be glad to step aside if someone would like to take over another venue. No one volunteered.
Florence S. made a motion to open Wiki up to the public and remove all personal information. Anna S. seconded the motion. Motion passed. Linda and Cindy will continue to update wiki. Thank you Linda and Cindy!!
Future meeting and Saturday sew dates are: July 12 Saturday sew is our Quilt of Valor, please try to show up and help with this guild project. August 13 meeting, August 16 Saturday sew (Tessellating Quilt); September 10 meeting, September 13, Saturday Sew (open sew); September 19 and 20 is the Lawrenceburg quilt show; October 8 meeting and October 11 Saturday sew.
Pat wanted to devote the rest of our meeting time to our program on our Quilts of Valor project.
Jacque H. made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Gina H. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen C., Secretary
Show and tell followed the meeting.
Ginny D. introduced Kathy S. to talk about the Quilts of Valor project.